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Everyone is invited to this arm party. Bracelets are one of the most fun accessories you can rock. Depending on which style you choose, the right cuff or bracelet can completely transform an outfit.
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Wrap Lock Bracelet

Anytime a brand can capture the cool elegence of Hermes, I'm fully on board. This chic wrap bracelet does the job! Splurge on the Hermes version, or settle for the look from Charming Charlie.

Gold Arrow Bracelet

An arrow points you in the right direction and this bracelet is no exception. Splurge on the designer look for $1500 or the knock off look for less than $20.

Hammered Silver Bracelet

What I love about the look of a hammered bracelet, is that it goes with anything. Dress it down or dress it up. Get the look of this Ippolita bracelet for a fraction of the price from Bluefly.

Knot Cuff Bracelet

Nautical themed jewelry go with everything - from sailor stripes to simple dresses. I like the simple look of these cuffs. Dana vs. Boohoo

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