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Designer Inspired Heels

Kick-off your heels? Okay, as long as they aren't designer. Scroll below to see a collection of heels, including pumps, platforms and clogs. Why pay the designer price when you can usually get the look for much less?


Vera Wang Knockoff Shoes Vera Wang Shoes Nine West Shoes

Did you know that Vera Wang doesn't just do bridal gowns, but she also has an entire line of clothes and accessories? Get the look of these Vera Wang shoes ($395) for just $89 from Nine West.


YSL Knockoff Pumps YSL Pumps YSL Knockoffs

Luxury label YSL has been known for their knockout pumps for decades. These blue suede peep toes are sophisticated and striking. Get the look for just $79 from Shoebox.


Designer Inspired Look for less Snakeskin Heels

Snakeskin is a huge look for Spring. Get this designer inspired look for less from Pelle Moda.



Designer Military Boots

Designer Military boots are finally affordable with these Christian Louboutin knockoffs. Get the look for less from Guess.


Knock off Fendi Clogs

These knock off Fendi clogs are a must for any fashionista's closet. Jessica Simpson comes pretty close to the Fendilook for just $89.




Valentino Knock off Heels

It's hard to deny these Valentino knockoffs are pretty close to the original (minus the skinny heel). We would take the knockoff look any day!


Loeffler Randall Caged Heels

Cage heels are back in a big way. Get these designer inspired cage heels for just $98 from Jessica Simpson.



Michael Kors Knockoff Knot Heel

These beautiful knotted heels from Michael Kors are a must-have for any Spring/Summer wardrobe. Get the exact same look for just $60 from Chinese Laundry.



Christian Louboutin Knock Offs

Christian Louboutin knock offs strike again. This time for less than $30 from Ann Marino. Great look!


Knock Off Designer Inspired Shoes

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Jimmy Choo Knockoff Slingbacks

Get ready for a glittery night out on the town with these Jimmy Choo knockoffs. These slingbacks were made for dancing and the price is right on.


Knockoff Miu Miu platforms

These knockoff Miu Miu glitter platforms are completely droolworthy. That is why we are thrilled that Gucci decided to try it out. Get the look for less.


Gucci Inspired Platforms

White after labor day? Risk it with these designer inspired Gucci platforms. Get the knockoff look for less from Report.


Knock off Gucci Platforms

These knock off Gucci Platforms are as functional as the original...for 1/5 the price. Steve Madden strikes again...and we love it.


Designer Inspired Ruffle Heels

These designer inspired ruffle heels are perfect for a night of dancing. Be inspired by J.Lo with her affordable version for just $55.



Knock off Missoni heels

Knock off Missoni? Yes please! Get the look of these Classic Missoni Zig Zag heels for just $30 from Restricted.


Badgely Mischka Knockoffs

You may also like these Badgley Mischka knockoffs:


YSL knockoff Shoes

You may also like these YSL knockoff shoes:




Knockoff Miu Miu Heels

You may also like these knock off Miu Miu heels:


Ferragamo knockoff oxfords

Everyone has been in oxford heels this season. Get the look for less of these Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords for just $81 from Nine West.


Knock off Lanvin Pumps

You cannot live without these beautiful silver pumps. Get the knockoff Lanvin pumps for just $30 from Charles Albert!


Chanel Knock off Clogs

You may also like these knock off designer clogs:


Alexander McQueen Inspired Pumps

All hail the McQueen with these beautiful Alexander McQueen knock off pumps. Get the same ombre look for just $78!



Fendi Platforms

You may also like these knockoff Fendi platforms:




Michael Kors inspired heels

You may also like these mock-off Michael Kors heels:


Prada Inspired Pumps

You may also like these Prada inspired pumps:


Inspired by Prada Heels

You may also like these knockoff Prada heels:




Knock off Giuseppe Zanotti Heels

You may also like these look-alike Giuseppe Zanotti heels:


Chloe Oxfords

You may also like these Chloe inspired oxford heels:


LAMB heels

These lamb heels are perfect for a night out on the town. Get the knock off version for less with these $35 platforms from Charlotte Russe.


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